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Some animated GIFs of me playing

Because why not. :)

Rich Menga playing a Squier Jazzmaster

Rich Menga playing a Squier Jazzmaster

Rich Menga playing a Squier Telecaster

Yes, that last one is the Telecaster I owned for a very brief period of time. It's a Telecaster Thinline model with the F-hole in Shoreline Gold. This was the guitar I traded in for the Jazzmaster that I own now. I don't regret that decision, however, actually finding a Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline in Shoreline Gold with the rosewood board is next to impossible.

It looks like this:

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Thinline in Shoreline Gold

Looks better in person, no doubt about that. Great player, too. But it just wasn't my thing.

You will find a Squier Thinline Tele in every configuration but what's shown above. Very short-lived model and not too many were made. I found just one on eBay. Yeah. One. That's it. The auction is over so I can't link it unfortunately. You can however search for it, and another may crop up if it looks like something you'd go for.

How cheap can you go to get almost every classic Fender design?

A big decision concerning guitar buying is how a guitar looks. Does it influence my guitar purchases? You bet it does. The finish color matters to me as does the logo treatment.

On my Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster for example, that guitar just looks expensive, and even the headstock logo was done correct with the "swooshes" on either side of the logo.

My list is based on the following criteria. Each must:

  1. ...look like something that would have been made in the 1950's or 1960's.
  2. under $500 USD.
  3. instantly recognized as a classic design.

There are 5 affordable designs people can instantly recognize, given the right color combination:

Jazzmaster is excluded because it's the Jaguar people know. I play a Jazz personally, but I know that non-musician people wouldn't recognize it as "that guitar that Kurt Cobain played", arguably the only reason anyone even recognizes a Jaguar or Mustang to begin with.

Precision Bass is excluded because the most classic P-Bass look, which is sunburst with maple fretboard, is something only Fender makes, and it's over $500 USD.

Let's begin.

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Samsung S860 arrives

Samsung S860

Kodak C195 is gone, and the Samsung S860 has replaced it. I was right that this is the camera I should have bought as my replacement in the first place.

Yeah, there's a story behind this.

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