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When will the USPS eventually close shop?

Rows of Gray PO Boxes

So I'm expecting a shipment to my PO box and am tracking it online. The online report says that yes, the package has arrived. So I drive on over to the post office, but I can't retrieve my package.

Why? Because it was Saturday.

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Why I still use RAR instead of 7z


Nerdy computer crap time.

Long ago back in the days before the modern internet, I used BBSes. And pretty much every BBS had a files area where you could upload or download stuff. The vast majority of that stuff was in archive files.

First it started with ZIP files, then LHA and then finally ARJ before the BBS fell out of favor with the masses once internet came around.

Even though ARJ was vastly superior compared to more or less everything else at the time, ZIP became popular again because of Windows. Specifically, it was Windows XP because that OS and every Windows since has native support to extract ZIP archive files where you can just double-click on one to open it up.

Time goes on, and two other formats start getting popular, RAR and 7-Zip or 7z for short.

RAR was never free. 7-Zip has always been free...

...but I'm still using RAR, and I'll explain why.

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Guitar case options for the Jaguar and Jazzmaster

If you just bought a Jazzmaster or Jaguar or already own one, unless you have a case with some extra vertical length, you'll notice the one you have will fit a Strat or Tele, but not the offset body guitars.

The Jag/Jazz's extra length means you have to buy a longer bag or case. If you've shopped around, you've probably noticed some fairly high prices.

Fortunately, you have a few cheaper options.

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