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How much does music gear instrument insurance actually cost?


Insuring your music gear, whether it's a guitar, amplifier, violin, cello or something else isn't something most musicians think about - until they actually need it.

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Are cheap microphones any good?

Pyle-Pro PDMIC58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld Microphone

I just recently bought a microphone because the one I have is old (probably at least 15 years old) and never really sounded that good. So I decided to buy a SM58 clone of sorts, the Pyle PDMIC58.

The PDMIC58 is a really cheap microphone, but the reviews for it say it's good for what it is. Is it? Yes. It gets the job done.

Can you get a good recording out of a cheap microphone? When you know how to use them, yes you can.

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Extended range guitars are stupid

Ibanez RG9

When the 2010s decade started, some really good things happened with guitars.

One of those good things is that bunch of guitar companies starting bringing back their older, classic designs that hadn't been made for years if not decades. Another good thing is that we started seeing guitar colors that hadn't been around for a while either. And yet another good thing was that in the sub-$500 range, some really good guitars started appearing from just about every major brand.

On the flip side of that however is the utterly stupid thing known as the extended range guitar, which is absolutely one of the most useless guitars that exists.

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