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It's all about the belly cut

Fender Blacktop Stratocaster HH, Maple Fingerboard - Black

A big reason why the Stratocaster (Blacktop HH shown above) is such a comfortable player is because of its contour cut in the rear of the body, known commonly as the belly cut.

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An easy recording trick to make your songs sound huge

It can arguably be said that the best music is the kind that takes you to another place when you listen to it. For a song to do that, it has to be crafted in such a way that gives it a bit of a magical other-worldly feeling. Put simply, "make it big."

Does it take years of recording experience to do this? No. All you need to know is one thing.

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How come music instrument companies aren't traded on the stock market?

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Fun fact: Most super-big musical instrument manufacturers are still run like mom-and-pop businesses.

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