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Yamaha RBX170EW demo and review

Yamaha RBX170EW

New bass in the barn.

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How often should guitar strings be changed?

DR Neon Strings

Asking when strings should be changed is a loaded question because it can be answered in many ways. However, there are a few things that will make it pretty obvious when you need to change your strings.

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Flickr from 2004 and an update on the Samsung S860

Scores NY Strippers 2004 Group Shot

The above is a photo of some strippers that was taken in Vegas... September 2004. Yeah, that means the above photo is 10 years old.

Regardless of whether you think the women above look any good or not, the fact is that the photo is a decade old, and all the women in the photo are now 10 years older.

Are those women still stripping? Well...

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