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2 computer geekery updates

living w/o gmail

I completely switched off Gmail and Google Maps because of some sucky things that happened, so I went back to Mozilla Thunderbird with regular ol' IMAP e-mail.

Here's my honest opinions about living without Gmail.

1. I don't miss it.

I honestly thought I was going to go into Gmail withdrawal but I didn't experience that at all. I don't miss the "Google way" of doing e-mail at all. The thing that's odd is that I was expecting to miss it, but didn't.

2. Mail is a lot easier to manage.

I got my folders and tags back in t-bird. Just those two features alone make it better than Gmail.

3. Way less spam

I don't know why (and I honestly don't care) but I've been receiving far less spam. Granted, this could be because the the spammers haven't "caught up" to the MX change but hey, I'm enjoying it. 🙂

new mobo

The new mobo has been performing way better than expected. This is interesting because it's microATX-sized compared to full-size ATX. Something in my head said it would probably run slower or worse or whatever.. but that didn't happen at all; it actually runs better than the MSI mobo did. Biostar rules the school and I'm happy about it.

. . .

That's basically it. Things are running swell. Cool beans. 😉

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