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20 steps

Sometimes all it takes is a lil' lookin' around to find what you want. If you're lucky, what you want is right under your nose.

I recently wrote about upgrading my apartment from a galley to a one-bedroom; I wasn't sure if my apartment complex had any units with washer/dryer hookups available or not.

Well, let's just say I hit pay dirt. My complex has twelve units available. One of them is literally 20 steps away from my current apartment (just one building over).

What's even more interesting is that these units are 25 bucks cheaper a month than a one-bedroom without the W/D hookups. Why this is so I have no idea - but I'm not complaining.

The one-bedroom has exactly double the square footage that my current apartment has now, and oh yeah, I'd make good use of it.

After talking with the management, it will save me about a hundred bucks if I want until my current lease ends to move into another unit rather than "transfer" now. For some stupid reason I would have to pay a transfer fee if I move mid-lease. Sounds pretty dumb to me but I guess that's the way things work 'round here.

. . .

Something that sticks in my head is that there may be a good deal of permanence to this lil' move. As a single guy I don't need all that much concerning living requirements. I am genuinely happy where I live save for the fact I have no W/D at the moment. However when that changes I literally need nothing else.

While living at the old stomping grounds I never said "I'm going to live the rest of my life here". For many years the goal was to just get the frig out o' there. I reached that goal 1½ years ago.

Moving into the larger apartment will be a very defining moment because it's the right size with the stuff I need (i.e. the W/D).

I don't know exactly when the move will take place; even though the move is little, the satisfaction from it will be big.

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