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2000 man

Today I noticed something weird with my Hotmail. It was a sync issue between the web version and the WL mail client, so I moved around some mail a bit, resync'd and then everything was okay after that.

When I originally imported some of the ancient emails from 2000 into this Hotmail account there were a few dupes, so I sorted by oldest date and started ferreting those out. While doing that I was reading some of the stuff from that time.

2000 was a crappy year for me. A really crappy year. I was in my twenties then, had a 1¼-hour commute to work each way, a crappy job, and a boatload of relationship problems, as in girl problems. Problems so huge that they didn't get resolved until years later. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to tell that story.

I found some old stuff that I didn't know I had a record of, such as my first cell phone number that I totally forgot about, some photos of me and even a few fonts that I sent somebody once.

The most entertaining stuff were the emails I was sending back and forth trying to get dates, no question. You have to remember back then that there were no social networks. We had email and instant messenger, but I purposely stayed off IM because I wanted, smartly, an archive of the communications we had just in case I ever wanted to look back on them.

I have a reply I sent to a girl who went on one date with me then dropped me like a brick - right before Christmas. Yeah, I was upset, but was shocked at how I kept my cool about it and didn't tell her to go get hit by a bus. Upon reflection I should have just told her to f--k off.

I have email conversations of girls who sent me 500+ word replies while we were getting to know each other (whether it led to a date or not.) On read you'd think it's the stuff of crappy romance novels. It is amazing the level of detail that's in those messages.

In 2000 and for the next few years after that I did actually go on quite a few dates. It was frickin' awesome. I barely had any dates in the 90s, but when the 2000s hit, oh yeah, life was good. Even though 2000 sucked, there were bright spots here and there. The dates were definitely part of that, no doubt about it.

Consider the fact that back in 2000 I was getting dates while living in a tiny backwater town in east bum-chuk Connecticut while still living at home at the time. I did well even under those circumstances. Can you imagine how much better I would have done if I lived in Tampa in 2000 being that there's so many more people here? It boggles the mind.

Part of the reason it was so easy to get dates online back then is because the internet was a very new thing. Before that, nobody went outside their normal circle of people they knew, so it was fresh and exciting. New people! Cool! Add to that that the internet was mainly populated by intelligent people in those days.

Modern dating sites and social media have altogether ruined how it used to be. The internet is so chock full of stupid that everybody hides now. Not because they want to, because they have to in order to avoid the wackos.

At least I got to enjoy it while it was good back then. For that I'm thankful.

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