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2004 - The Year in Review

Has this year been any good? Hm. Good question. Let's review.

Plus: My car got paid off this year. Halle-frickin-lujah.

Minus: I tried to move up North. Didn't work. But at least I tried.

Plus: I got a new job.

Minus: I don't like the job too much.

Plus: The commute to work is easy.

Minus: I have to work.

Plus: This is the first time I've had benefits (as in job benefits) in almost 2 years.

Minus: Twice this year I tried to start/join a band and it didn't work out.

Plus: I have become overall better as a musician.

Minus: My cat and one of my fish died.

Plus: The replacement fish has much more vibrant colors.

Minus: I started playing Counter-Strike and was dumb enough to spend cash on a game server for months and months.

Plus: I quit Counter-Strike cold turkey. It is not even resident on my computer and hasn't been for several weeks now.

Minus: I took down my biz

Plus: I started my biz again.. however.. the biz may change over to something just a little different. Stay tuned on that. (grin)

Plus: I built a new computer

Minus/Plus: The video card fans started making a ball bearing noise / Fixed by unplugging that fan. Hasn't burnt yet (grin).

Minus: Found out that some people have severe closure issues.. to a point where you have to physically say (bluntly): GO AWAY.

Plus: My site started this year (yeeeee)

Plus: Stopped hanging around with people who annoy me. Should've done that years ago.

Minus: Moved the blog to avoid people I know giving me crap about it.

Plus: Moved the blog back to where it was because dealing with crap is part of life. Fortunately the crap pile has been getting smaller.

Minus: Due to some certain blog posts here, some people got quite upset.

Plus: Due to some certain blog posts here, an old friendship was renewed.

Minus: Got a traffic ticket this year. Bleah.

Minus: Bought a laptop I really shoudn't have bought. Now I'm stuck with it.

Plus: Gave the laptop to Pop. He now uses it. Reuse. Recycle. (grin)

Plus: Bought Blizzak tires for the car this car. One of the best purchases I've ever made. No doubt about it.


Minus: Saw my first IMAX movie.. IMAX does not live up to the hype.

Plus: Bought a new ViewSonic 19" monitor

Minus: Had to return it because it didn't work correctly.

Plus: Bought a new Sony 17" LCD monitor.

Minus: Had to return that because of 2 dead pixels.

Plus: Got a replacement for the one that didn't work. Works. fine.

Minus: The realization (once again) that department stores suck.

Plus: The start of my first full EP in a few years. Slowly but surely coming together.

Minus: EP not done yet. (grin)

Plus: Started new online music 'zine (more on this later).

Plus: My site finally gets a look I'm happy with.

The rest of '04: Who knows? Probably nothing spectacular.

That's it in a nutshell. And yeah there were things that happened earlier in '04.. but they really aren't worth mentioning. Or at least I can't think of anything that happened in early '04 that's worth talking about. (grin)

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