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Photo Gallery going away

Before anyone freaks out: No, this doesn't mean the images are going away. I don't like the fact that the photo gallery is separate from the rest of the blog.. that's something that has always bothered me.

I will now be posting photos directly into the blog instead. All photos will be under the category photos (duh) and this will also be linked at the top.

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USPS rides again



Today will be the first of many days of renovations here at the household. The reason for the renovations is because we're going to try to sell the house again. Last time around it didn't work because of two reasons. 1) The realtors we dealt with weren't really that good at all (they didn't seem to put forth a good effort) and 2) The house really wasn't ready for sale. It was decided to "let's give it a try and see what happens".

This time around things will be different because the house is being prepared for sale. All the carpets are being yanked for new ones. The kitchen floor and bathroom floor are being replaced. Finally, the entire home is going to be cleaned top to bottom, including the basement.

Many months ago the cleaning process began with all the upstairs rooms. Most people who visit the house now are like "whoa" because a lot of stuff was cleaned out. A lot of stuff. Previously, several rooms (including the living room) were a disaster area. Not anymore, and hasn't been for some time. All that's left now is just minor things and then it's pretty much taken care of.

The first order of business is paint. A painter will be coming by today to start that. We're doing something called "whiting out" the house. This is standard practice. What it basically means is that you paint all walls in white. It allows the new homeowners to customize the house in whatever way they wish. If you have a bunch of colors all over your walls (which we don't), it doesn't look as attractive as a "blank canvas" so to speak, hence the reason for doing it in the first place.

The second order of business is going to be carpets and flooring. Pop has already called a few places. Measurements are going to be taken next week. The color chosen is a standard medium blue which is just slightly darker than sky blue. I think that will work out fine. It will look good and will complement the house nicely.

The third order of business is cleaning. While the upstairs is mostly done, the downstairs still needs major cleaning and the garage needs to be cleaned out. The entire area can be cleaned out in about two to three days. Then again, it can be cleaned out in one day if I hire someone to do it (that hasn't been decided yet). We will be renting a dumpster for that because the cleaning process more or less involves a lot of stuff that needs to be thrown out.

It will be nice to have all this stuff done. Whether it gets the house sold or not, it will still be nice to have.

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