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Getting the angst out

Earlier today I wasn't feeling too well mentally. To be totally honest, I was worried sick. Am I going to be able to pack up all this crap in time? So I put on perverbial blinders and started packing and cleaning like mad. I think I only took about three breaks. Each one was fifteen minutes or less. Pack, pack, pack. Clean, clean, clean. Repeat. I did this about fifty bazillion times today.

Guess what. I'm now 99% done. I walked around the house a little while ago looking for anything that I might have missed. Then I said to myself Holy crap. I'm like, done.

Guess what else. I feel great. Seriously, I do. All that worry-turmoil going on inside my head is gone - for the time being. 😉

The only thing left is a few small electronic items (phone, cablemodem, et cetera) and clothes. That's easy. As I write this I'm on the last load of laundry. Everything else is washed, including the blankets.

I guess all the hard work I did today (and yeah, it was hard) got out a lot of emotion that needed to get out. Now I can at least say I'm ready (that's the key) to move. Before I wasn't. Now I am.

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Last remnants

Since around 11am this morning I've been in overdrive mode with my cleaning and packing. I am now about 90% done. I just have to load my crap into my truck. Oh, I forgot to mention - I'm leaving tomorrow. I know my other site says I left today. Not true. I put the date as today so no one would show up to bother me. 😉

This is now how my old room looks now. It's the cleanest anyone's probably ever seen it. Yeah, I know, I live like a slob, but not any longer. I'm making a personal vow to myself never to let my living space get in disarray - EVER. (And I'll never sleep on an ancient hand-me-down bed either. The crap on the bed is the remains of my cleaning.)

I'm sure some of you are wondering what is the oldest thing I found? Well, here it is:

A dust-riddled can of air freshener. Generic "Finast" brand, which is a now-defunct supermarket chain. Finast was a shortening of "First National" sorta/kinda.

The price tag is still on it. Eighty-five cents. I looked to see if there was a copyright date and there wasn't any. Were I to take a guess, it was probably made somewhere between 1984 and 1988.

Did I spray it? Hell no. Are you nuts?!


For some stupid reason I'm up at four in the morning. I haven't slept yet. Ugh.

I was supposed to do a lot of packing yesterday but didn't and blame that one on a bout of laziness. Today (after I sleep and get up again) I will be packing like crazy. Fortunately I have most of the essentials already stowed in the truck. All I have left is clothes, some small electronics and other odds and ends.

Even though I can write this now, it has still not quite sunk in that I will be leaving Connecticut and never coming back (to live, anyway). I mean, sheezis... this is intense. I think it's really gonna hit me the first night I sleep in Maine.

My sister e-mailed me earlier yesterday. I guess we both finally have something we both share. We both moved for the same primary reason: escape. I never quite thought about it like that, but she's right. Granted, the motives are different, but the "get me the hell out of here" reason is the same.

I tossed a coin earlier (yes, I do toss coins) and asked the deities above whether I would be fiscally successful in Maine. I called tails for yes, heads for no. It landed on tails. That 1974 penny is now my lucky penny and I've stuffed it into my wallet so I have it whereever I go.

Trust a penny for good fortune? Sure. Why not?

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