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Tragedy brings out the best in people

Okay... I've been without 'net for a while so I got some stuff to write about here.


Pop is in the hospital. I'm not going to go into the details of what's happening, but I can say that it will require surgery in order for him to get better again. Right now he is in a hospital room hopefully catching a few z's. On Monday the surgery will occur and if all goes well he will be released on Tuesday.


Sis is currently visiting and we have been getting along very well (something that's never happened before). After years and years of being ostracized from each other for one reason or another, both of us finally sat down and talked it out. We talked a lot. A whole lot. Several good things were said.

I won't get into the detail of what was said as far as my sis is concerned (that's private to her), but I will say things that were said to me which are true.

1. I do not take other people's feelings into consideration.

A phrase I use often is that I see things "from the power of I". What this means is that I see things my way, always my way and only my way. As I get older I am slowly but surely getting to the place where I will actually listen instead of just blasting out all the time. I'm one of those people who (used to) say "Hey, I just tell it like it is!" Anyone who says that, including yours truly, only states it as an excuse for being an uncaring pigheaded fool. As I said a second ago, I'm slowly getting to the point where I am now listening more. Things like this take one little step at a time.

2. I am too much of a "fixer".

This relates to point 1 above. Sometimes I do not know when to leave well enough alone. I interject and try to "fix" situations (i.e. "do it my way or no way") where I really don't have any business doing so in the first place. Sometimes you just have to let sleeping dogs lie. Once again this is one of those goals achieved by taking one little step at a time.

There were other points made but those two were the biggies. I think the first step to improving yourself as a person is being aware things you do that might offend others in one way or another. Once you're aware, then you can take steps to resolve and go from there.


The biggest thing that's hit me head on is the whole family thing. I've been reminded (in not-so-subtle ways) that family is very important. You should not take it for granted and appreciate it while you have it.

I'm happy to be doing so.

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Satellite surfin'

BOO-YAH! I now have fast internet back. It has been a while but I finally got the stuff working.

Being that I live in an area that has absolutely no high speed connectivity whatsoever, meaning no cablemodem and no DSL (seriously), I was referenced to a satellite internet provider. No, it's not as fast as cablemodem but heck, I'm just extremely happy to have anything, so no complaints.

This satellite internet is different from the old school one-way and two-way systems. There is no phone line required (thank God) and the up/down speeds aren't too bad. It's 512k down and 128k up which is slightly slower than cablemodem - and I can live with that.

Vonage may or may not work with it (I haven't tested that yet), but the installers I've spoken to say it doesn't, so... guess I'll have to write again on this once I test it out.

Right now I'm just beaming all over because I got my 'net back. Absolutely beaming. It's great to have it again.

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