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2006 - The Year In Review

Ordinarily I reserve writing one of these until right before or after December 25, but this year I'm doing my annual "year in review" post a lil' bit early. It my site - I'm allowed. 🙂

This is long so I made it an extended entry.

The beginning of 2006 completely sucked. There I was, in New England, miserable and really not liking life. Almost four months into '06, I said fuggit, packed everything I could fit in my truck and beat feet to Florida.

And with that said...

The biggest event that happened in '06 was moving to Florida. No doubt about that. I've wrote about Florida on here a lot, I continue to write about Florida as I discover new things.. so yeah, it was a big deal and still is. I threw caution to the wind with only a GPS to guide me. And you know what? I made it. I survived and succeeded.

Side note: If you've ever wondered why I am such a huge fan of GPS, put it this way: Were it not for my StreetPilot, I most likely would have never even thought about moving to a completely unknown area, let alone do it.

The second biggest event was getting widespread professional recognition as an electronic musician. How often can you say "My music is used to demonstrate a worldwide product"? Not often. For some, not ever. I was very fortunate and infinitely thankful that the guys and gals at Hollow Sun and Alesis saw it fit to use my tunes to help promote the Fusion 6HD synthesizer workstation.

The third biggest event was hopping a plane to Ohio to do work on an album. Never in my life have I jumped on a plane just to do that. It was fun and interesting. Brent continues to enjoy the success of being an internet star. I was happy to be a part of that.

The fourth biggest event is that I landed a job that has everything to do with what I went to college for, albeit with a modern flavor.

I hold a college degree in Video and Radio communications. Back in college, we were all using these monster video rigs to record video, edit using A/B roll cuts-only system (as in linear editing), and master using S-VHS or BetacamSP decks that cost a cool $10,000 to $50,000 a piece. Any on-screen animations were done using Video Toaster or Lightwave for Amiga. It was a long and extremely costly process.

Radio was performed with rigs almost equal to the size of the video rigs. Specialized soundproofed booths were used with really expensive microphones. No digital. Using digital recording in 1995 was still in its infancy.

And now?

I now record radio-style reads using a simple PC and Adobe Audition 1.5. No huge rigs. No soundproofed booths. Production is easy, fast and enjoyable.

I perform video recording with a camcorder that is three times less the size of those big Betacam rigs - holding it with one hand(!) The cassettes used are miniDV instead of the big bulky BetacamSP. Gone are the A/B roll systems; everything is digital now. Editing video is super-easy. Wow, wow and wow.

It's great and truly awesome.

Hey, it only took eleven years. Ha! But seriously, I now apply all of my video and audio training to flash-based video feeds and audio podcasts. Still to this day, the training I got has proven to be invaluable. Continuity (that's a video term) never goes out of style no matter what format you're using.

Other things worth mentioning for '06:

I reclaimed association with several lost friends and acquaintances. It's true what they say; absence does make the heart grow fonder, and time truly does heal all.


Someone once said to me "geographical boundaries do not change the man", which is a way of saying that no matter where you are, you are always the same person.


If you are in a place where you are happy and can thrive, everything changes, including yourself. You become a better person. You see the greener side of the grass. The glass is now half full instead of half empty.

Life is good. 2006 turned out to be awesome. And 2007 is going to be even awesomer.

("Awesomer?" Yep. Made-up word. I don't care. It fits how I feel.)


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