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Always on the move

Shifting to a more pleasant subject, the wheels are turning again concerning moving. I mentioned this a while back but haven't said too much on the subject. What I'm going to say here may be shrouded in a bit of mystery, but hey, people love mysteries so why not. 😉

Compared to where I'm living now, where I'm going will be about, oh, a bazillion times better. There will be more jobs, more (good) people, better weather, possibly some golfing... but moreover the happiness factor will be increased by a factor of 1000 or more.

Things are in motion concerning realtors. There is a realtor working on the house I'm living in now and a realtor working on potential homes conecerning where I'm going to. As of now, realtors on both sides are very optimistic that both the buying and the selling conditions are in good shape.

The advatage this time around concerning the buy/sell thing is that I have very recent experience with it. I know what to expect, what not to expect and so on.

Something I will definitely do differently is how I move my stuff physically when the move occurs. Previously I just packed up all my crap in my truck and headed out. This time there will be no way I'm doing that; I'm using a moving company. Will it cost more? Absolutely. But the hassle it saves is worth the cost. There will be something I'll move myself (like my laptop and musical gear) but everything else will be handled by the movers.

..aaaaand that's about it for now. Further bulletins as events warrant. 🙂

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Big fish eat little fish

My late grandfather had an Intellivision game system, purchased specifically so my sister and I could play video games while over at grandpa's house. Grandpa had many games for us to choose from including Horse Racing, Frog Bog, Auto Racing*, Bomb Squad**, B-17 Bomber and many, many others.

I played one particular game either at a friend's house or at Toys'R'Us (don't exactly remember which one) and it was called Shark! Shark! I told grandpa about it and the next week he got the game.

Someone was nice enough to write an article about it.

I have some further information to add to this game: It's addicting as hell. You can play this for hours. Definitely one of the best Intellivision games ever released, if not the best. The game is so simple, yet challenging and just outright a blast to play.


* Small trivia: In the early seasons of Knight Rider, one episode featured K.I.T.T. "tracking" a car, and guess what was on his screen. Yep, you guessed it, it showed gameplay of Auto Racing on the Intellivision. I guess the game console was part of K.I.T.T.'s programming. 😉

** Another mini-review/rememberance: Bomb Squad is the game that literally got us all cheering at the screen. This was a game that used the Intellivoice module. The goal of the game is simple: Defuse a bomb. Reaching this goal (even on the simplest level) was not an easy task. You had a set time to defuse the bomb (15 minutes for example) and had to use specific tools to defuse parts of the bomb. I remember many times where the bomb was defused mere seconds before the time was up. This game required a lot of effort to play but it was still fun. Not as fun as Shark! Shark! but still a blast (bad pun alert) to play.


Well.. now that I'm staying with Windows for a while (probably a long while) I have to find another video editing solution that will suit my needs and has similar functionality to Final Cut Express. Pinnacle Studio Media Suite is not looking too bad. It will do everything I want it to do plus burn DVD's.. so.. maybe that'll be worth a shot.

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