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a lil' later

A quickie post:

I'm about to leave for Inverness in a few. Didn't get the tunes done like I'd hoped, but then again you can't capture lightning in a bottle. Things like that have to come naturally.

Wish me best of luck that on Sunday I get some good shuttle photos. I'm really hoping I do.

I may write a few more things from Inverness before I head back. It all depends if I have anything interesting to write about. 🙂

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join the human race

Title of this entry comes from a song by someone we all miss (or at least I do).

I had to go to Guitar Center today to pick up an audio cable for my synth.

The traffic both going there and coming back sucked. It took me almost forty minutes to go eight miles. Bleah. I should have taken I-275 (which would have chopped the time down to fifteen minutes either way) but didn't.

I finished up a few songs today. During the wee hours of the night tonight I will finish up a few more, then release them here on my web site. Watch for it. 🙂

i have been a fool for lesser things

Title of this entry comes from an innocent man.


Although I wrote about this elsewhere recently, the online personals thoroughly disgust me. It's mainly due to the reason that about 99% (give or take) of the girls on these things lie, lie and lie some more. It's just sad. I wish there was a personals service where it was a prerequisite that only geeky and/or dorky girls were allowed to post ads. I like girls like that because I get along with them very well. The ones that have an agenda for being "cool" I want absolutely nothing to do with.

And with that said, I'm making a vow not to go near those personals for a while (hopefully never). Yeah, I'll be lonely, but whatever. Better to be lonely than lied to. I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking that as long as I'm alone I might as well make the best of it and stop wallowing on about being single. Fuggit.

It's a good thing I have hobbies.


I'm going to be doing a lot of driving this weekend. I have to drive to Inverness to pick up Pop for the shuttle launch, then to Merritt Island, then back to Inverness, then back to Tampa. Total driving time: Just short of seven hours (combined).

The launch will be cool and all, but I'm not looking forward to all this driving.

Four of these hours will be with Pop as a passenger. Although I love my Pop dearly, my patience will be tested. Would you want to spend four hours in a car with your mom or dad? Probably not.


Normally I leave on Thursdays to head up north but this time I'm staying in Tampa until Saturday. There are music things and writing things I need to finish up.

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