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Just for grins I'm going to start using my oh-so-crappy MySpace blog. I shall call it "alter-blog" where I will post nonsensical crap, because after all, MySpace is the puss filled boil on the ass end of the internet. It's full of crap so I might as well add to it. Whether I will blog regularly there or not I have no idea. But it'll be stupid! (grin)

In other news I'm going to change around the look of menga dot net again. Getting kinda sick of the dark look.

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in the toy aisle

A quick look at some things in the Wal-Mart that are in the toy aisles.

Battery powered sit-down little cars for kids. The Mustang is the coolest one, no doubt. And what's the deal with the "flower power" Jeep?

When I was a kid, none of us wore bike helmets. Now all the kids do. My vote goes for the Spider-Man helmet, with runner-up being the gold-flamed one.

Every board game in this shot sucks with the exception of Battleship and Risk.

The General is still selling well. What's weird is that I remember seeing these when I was a kid. These modern ones look much more like a Dodge Charger... although I think technically the year used in the show was a 1968, not '69. I could be wrong, not sure on that one.

This is not a toy, it's just plain dumb. The "iFan". Made by Apple? Pff.. no, of course not. It's just some stupid company that somehow got a crappy product on to Wal-Mart's shelves. I know what you're thinking. Aren't all things sold in Wal-Mart crappy? No, not really, but a few of them slip thru every now and then like this one.

Notice that there's plenty to go around (i.e. they're not selling). 🙂

from the ford dealership

I'm not a Ford guy. However, this nice gem was sitting in the Nick Nichols Ford dealership (Inverness Florida) parking lot..

A very well restored 1972 Chevrolet Custom/C20 pickup, with updated air conditioning and newer A/C compressor (which believe me is a good upgrade). Price was listed at 17k (or 19k, can't remember exactly). Sound like a lot? Not really when you consider it's got 33,000 original miles on it.

Here's an interior shot:

The truck is absolutely gorgeous all the way 'round.

Simply put, you do not see trucks (or cars) like this in New England because they rust off their frames just by sitting outside. Here in the south, there are classic rides a-plenty.

While I was there I yakked with one of the sales guys who tried to put me in a new convertible Mustang:

The one I looked at was silver, the one above is in the showroom. If I bought one it would have been the silver one.

Here's the interior:

It's a nice car all around. When you sit in it, everything is in its proper place and feels natural. I liked it. Maybe in a year or two I'll pick one up. Can't do that right now because I still owe too much on my '05 GMC Canyon.

My current ride. We'll be together for a while yet. 🙂

To those who ask "What's the deal with the skull and crossbones plate?" The deal is that in Florida they only give you one license plate so the front area is left empty. I had to put something there so I stopped by an Autozone and the skull thing was the only plate there that didn't look too dorky. 🙂

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