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fruits of my labor

Remember that book I wrote back in late January? Well, I finally got paid for the sales of it, and it's just enough to buy a new set of tires for my truck. Basic tires, not premium ones.

Before I get into the whole tire thing, I elected to be paid via PayPal. A nice e-mail was sent to me that stated a transaction had occurred, so I happily logged into my account to check it out, and yep, it definitely did happen. Cool. At that point I needed to transfer these funds from PayPal to my checking account. After scoping around, I found that "withdraw" was the place to do this, so I did that, and the system reported it would be put into my checking account in about four days. So I guess we'll see if that transaction occurs before Tuesday. I'm guessing Wednesday, because I swear that even computers take a day off on Sunday. 🙂

My 2005 GMC Canyon has over 51,000 miles on the original rubber, that being a set of P235/75 R15 General Ameri-GS60's. They've worn well but are a bit noisy. Today I discovered that the passenger-side rear had only 15 pounds of air pressure in it. It normally has 35psi. Yowza. I'm guessing that tire has a slow leak.

Small note before continuing: On the inside of the door jamb there's an inflation guide just as there is on every car. It states to inflate all tires to 32psi. The tires simply don't look right at that pressure. I can see sidewall bowing indicating that there's not enough air 32, so I inflate them all to 35psi and they look (and ride) proper.

Tire prices have risen significantly since I last bought a set online. Last time I bought rubber, it was easy to find tires in my size for a good price. No problem. But now I can't find a single one that hasn't gone up by at least fifteen bucks per tire. Bleah. And don't forget the shipping costs either. Add in rotations and over time you can easily spend a good amount of loot over the life of the tires.

What I will be doing is reverting to something I thought I'd never be doing again: Buy tires from the installer. The place where I'm purchasing/installing the rubber offers free lifetime rotations (big plus) and the price per tire absolutely destroys any online quote.

"You get what you pay for" definitely does not apply when it comes to general-use tires (not for me, anyway). All I want is a set that lasts at least 50,000 miles, rides quietly, rides smoothly, wears evenly and stays inflated. The Generals have done their job fairly well, but seem to lose air frequently. I have to put at least two to three pounds of air in them every month. Not a big deal, but it'd be nice to have a set that didn't require air that often.

When the transaction completes and the funds are placed my checking account, I should be getting some new rubber next week. My truck definitely deserves a new set; she's earned it.

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nine in a trench

Today @ Pop's I:

  1. Got on the roof and cleaned the gutters out.
  2. Mowed the lawn (front, sides and back).
  3. Fertilized the lawn.
  4. Planted nine bulbs.

The first three were fairly easy. The last one sucked.

Something which is odd to me only because I'm not used to it is when you dig in the ground, you find sand. As in beach-type sand. Florida is a subtropical zone, after all. You dig and you're a-gonna find some sand there. I am very well aware that many folks grow wonderful lawns, plants and whatnot in this sand - but it just doesn't register with me. How can anything grow in this? Yet it all does. For example, lawns grow so well that they require mandatory mowing once a week, and I'm not kidding.

So anyway, I broke out some tools and started cutting into the lawn to dig a mini-trench for the bulbs. I'm used to New England soft soil. This stuff was tough. Breaking those grass roots wasn't easy. But after a little while I dug the mini-trench I needed to, put the bulbs in, topped them with grower-upper soil, packed 'em, etc. Hopefully something will sprout up. And if not, well.. whatever.


I've modified my web site look at lil' bit. At the time of this writing it has a blue textured background and I changed the top logo. I was bored, what can I say.


Earlier this morning I saw a traffic report on the television. They speak of the typical routes, such as I-4, I-275, Bearss Ave and whatnot. Funny thing is that I know all of these roads and they're all really close to where I live. Back in CT I was so far detached from any road that "mattered", so you'd never hear any traffic report for Windham county.. well.. not unless there was a massive pile-up and/or someone died. Sad, eh?


You may have noticed a new button called "Where has Rich been?" Google Maps has this "My Maps" feature and I decided to post a few locations. I think I might do this every time I post a new photo depicting somewhere I've been on this site. I haven't posted everywhere I've been (that would take a while), but many that appear here are on there. Check it out.

random thoughts of the moment

I sometimes wish I could find a cordless phone with a real bell ringer in it. That would rock.


Number of 7-Eleven's that are within ten miles of where I live: 33. No, I haven't been to them all and no, I'm not kidding.

And every single one of them makes money.


Yesterday I bought three one-gallon jugs of Arizona Sweet Tea.

Total price, nine bucks.

Three gallons is 384 ounces (in US fluid).

My previous drink, Monster Lo-Carb, comes in sixteen-ounce cans.

There are twenty-four cans to a case.

24 x 16 = 384 fluid ounces (three gallons).

Price for a case of Lo-Carb at a Sam's Club: Thirty-eight bucks.

I save twenty-nine bucks by drinking Arizona Sweet Tea instead of Monster Lo-Carb for the exact same amount of fluid ounces I get.


It's official: I'm not too keen on the new scent of Axe Phoenix body spray. The next time I need some, I'm going to scope around for a different scent.


Since purchasing The The Phantom Menace on DVD, I've now watched the movie both with and without directory commentary (as I always do), and watched all the bonus features on the second disc.

The pod race is, without a doubt, one of the coolest races ever put to film. With the extra footage put in on the DVD, it's now even better.

But I have to say that were this not a Star Wars film, I honestly don't think it would have performed very well at the box office. Same goes for episodes II and III. The originals will always be the best - even with tons and tons of errors in them.

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