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2009 year in review

image I usually make my year-end review blog posts really long, but not this year. Gonna keep it brief. 🙂


In and out of a band (yet again), and posted many videos of me playing on my YouTube channel.


Bought a Garmin nüvi 255W - my favorite GPS to date. And I have absolutely zero plans on buying another because it does exactly what I want it to do.


Did not date anybody in 2009. And by that I mean I wasn't involved in any serious relationship. I did go on a few dates. Two were really cool. The rest were terrible. 🙂


I bought the second laptop I've ever owned, that being my little Dell mini 10v netbook. Happy with it but the 1024x576 res is the only thing that truly gets in my way.

Unfortunately there isn't a netbook in the price range I want with a higher res than 1024. The moment you go above that native res, the price jumps over $400. For example, I really, really like the Inspiron 11z by Dell. 11-inch screen and native 1366x768 res. But it starts at $449. To pay $150 extra (over the 10v) just for an extra 1 inch of screen and better res simply isn't worth the cash. Were it $350 I'd do it. But $449? No way.

I'm sticking with my 10v for now.


I was more or less broke for almost all of 2009. 🙂 Yes, I did buy a few things but nothing major. For example, the purchase of the nüvi 255W and netbook were made after I sold my old GPSes and old laptop.

2010 is going to prove to be much better in the fiscal department, starting at the very beginning of January. I can't discuss my plans because I don't talk about personal finances on the internet, but rest assured there's going to be some good forward motion. 🙂

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