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2020 end of year wrap up


A recap of some stuff I went through this year.

2020 for most people just plain sucked. I had my ups and downs as well. I'm just going to concentrate on guitar and music stuff here.

Squier Classic Vibe come and gone

December 2019 is when I bought a black Squier Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster. That didn't stay with me long mainly because I couldn't get along with the neck, and I parted with it in 2020.

I'll never buy the guitar again but I miss it because it just looked so cool. Without question, the V2 Classic Vibe guitars are the best looking Squier ever made. But that damned neck is just too thin for my fret hand.

Nylon picks are all hype

I bought some Herco guitar picks in 2020. They supposedly bring magical sounds out of your guitar.

Not for me they didn't.

I will say that yes, they are quality picks that are made well, but I just don't get along with nylon. I prefer celluloid or delrin.

Two SX Furrian guitars acquired

High point of the year where my guitars are concerned. I still have both and play them regularly. But I will admit that I had to some fret work to get them right.

I still think these are some of the best Telecaster style guitars you can buy. The neck is the big sell on these. Thicker in the back with flatter fingerboard radius in the front with jumbo frets. Great combination.

Ridiculously cheap Glarry GJazz bass acquired

I kept this one too. After some setup, some fretwork and a change of strings, this is sounding great.

Still can't believe it was just 85 bucks shipped.

Will I get a 6-string Glarry electric guitar in the future? I might.

Guitars for 2021?

I just mentioned that I might get a Glarry, but I'm looking at other models too from other manufacturers.

These days, my #1 priority is the neck first before any other consideration. If the product page for the guitar doesn't list the neck depth for the 1st and 12th fret, I won't touch it.

Strangely enough, cheaper guitars almost always list this information while almost none of the more expensive options don't.

There also is the possibility I may part together a Stratocaster. I still have that 1993 Fender with the busted neck, so I have a body but need a neck, tuners and electronics.

If I do decide to part together a guitar, I'm going to try finishing the neck myself where I sand the back and then apply either an oil or satin urethane.

As for the electronics, I've actually never soldered before, but I would learn. Not too difficult.

The neck shape has to be right, because again, that's my #1 priority. Has to be thicker in the back and flatter in the front because that really works for me.

I'm not so much concerned with appearance as I am just getting the thing together and working, so if that's the option I go with, I'll certainly document it here.


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