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The 25 year music style cycle

Fender FSR Traditional 50s Stratocaster With Stripe - Inca Silver with Shoreline Gold Stripes

Styles and tastes in music do typically follow a 25 year cycle.

A long time ago I noticed something. Whatever was popular 25 years ago will become popular again.

The guitar above, a Fender FSR '50s Strat in Inca silver with stripes, is something you saw 25 years ago. Not as a new model, mind you, but that was when the grunge style was in full swing. And guitar players back then were grabbing all the old Fender guitars they could get their grubby hands on. Several of these Fenders were in fact models with "competition stripes" on them. It makes total sense that Fender would release a striped Strat now.

Rewind the clock back 25 years and it was 1993. If I decided to go on YouTube and start uploading videos of me playing popular early '90s grunge songs, they'd probably get lots of attention. But I don't do grunge because that's not my thing.

A weird thing would happen by doing that... or at least it's something I consider weird because it's actually happened to me. There's the chance that by posting a 25-year-old cover song, some viewers would actually think I was the original author of said song. A few years back I had posted a video of me playing a Zeppelin riff (it was Moby Dick,) and some random kid commented and thought I wrote the riff. Now granted, that song was released in 1969 and is way older than 25 years, but still, my video was the first time that kid ever heard that riff. I felt bad to tell that kid it wasn't my song because he was all sorts of excited about it, but it was the proper thing to be honest about it.

Of course, it's funny that the song was Moby Dick, because that in fact is a rip-off of Watch Your Step by Bobby Parker. And I didn't know that until years later. Before that, I always thought Moby Dick was a 100% Zeppelin original. Nope.

If you examine what was popular 25 years ago and reimagine it (as in play it your own way,) then yeah, it will get attention. I've seen this happen many times with videos, images and even just plain text on social media. And yeah, this means you don't even have to play the song. Just mention it.

It would be too easy to post something like, "HEY! DO YOU REMEMBER ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY? FROM '93?! WOOOOOOOO!"

Maybe I should start doing that.

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