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Second Zoom R8 book coming soon

Zoom R8

It's finally done.

A while ago - and I'm talking months here - I decided to start on a second Zoom R8 book specifically concentrating on the guitar effects processor within the unit.

The first book I wrote about the R8, The Better Zoom R8 Manual, goes into detail of how to use the R8, but does not cover the guitar effects section. Why? Because it literally takes writing another book just to explain how that works in plain English... that's exactly what I did.

This second book is about nothing but how to use the effects processor within the R8.

Now in case you weren't aware, the R8 (and yes I obviously own one) has an incredible amount of built-in effects to it. The effects library has is so good that all you need is your guitar, a guitar cable, the R8, a pair of headphones and nothing else. I'm not kidding. With the R8, you absolutely do not need anything else except maybe a microphone for singing like a Shure SM58. And even that's totally optional because the R8 does have built-in microphones. They're not the best microphones, but hey, it has them.

Once you know how to work with the effects in the R8, it really is a one-stop-shop for recording. The R8 has a built-in drum machine that can be assigned to a track. It has all the effects. It has mastering/mixdown capability. All audio files are written in standard WAV format, meaning all that's required to copy a master song file is to pop out the memory card, pop it in to a PC or laptop, copy the file and that's it.

I cannot say enough good things about the R8.

On a final note for now, if you happen to own the Zoom R16 or Zoom R24, everything said in the upcoming book on using the effects should apply. I believe the menu systems are mostly the same between the R8, R16 and R24 units.

Once the book is available, I'll be certain to announce it here and post a link to it.

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