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3 things on the internet i don't understand

There is a large part of the internet populous (read: seriously white people) that is absolutely obsessed with anything Japanese. It's so bad that there's a name for people like this: Weeaboo (which incidentally comes from the derogatory Wapanese).

The part I don't understand: Decidedly white people who are of this ilk sincerely believe they'll magically turn Japanese someday even though that's impossible.

My message to them: You're white. Very white. There's not a thing about you that's Japanese. It doesn't matter how much of the culture you know. It doesn't matter how much of the language (which you suck at by the way) you know. You'll always be white. Deal with it.

~ ~ ~

It is nothing short of ridiculous how many people say you don't know me as a front for being an idiot. If you say that phrase in a blog or vlog, you're a skank. Doesn't matter what gender you are. Skank. That's you.

The part I don't understand: Do these people not understand how skanky saying you don't know me is?

My message to them: You are not "mysterious" nor "cool" by stating the don't-kn0w-me phrase. Rather you are an idiot like I said above.

~ ~ ~

I was actually watching Late Night with Conan O' Brien the first time he said the word krunk. It's a made-up non-funny non-"cool" word and was spoken by a guy whiter than sour cream wearing a tie.

The sad thing is that people use this word as a way of saying of "cool". It's not "cool". Never was "cool". Never will be "cool". Say it and you're saying the same thing a pasty white guy on late night television did for a laugh (which he didn't get by the way because it was a stupid idea).

The word krunk is just as bad as bling (or for the super-stupid, bling-bling). Very kitschy. Very stupid.

The part I don't understand: The only time anyone ever says this word is in a seriously lame attempt to be "cool" - yet the word comes from possibly the "uncoolest" person on the planet (Conan has said this about himself many times).

My message to them: You were a loser before. Now you're a loser that says krunk. Congratulations.

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