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I turned 37, and as I wrote in a Facebook comment, for whatever reason 37 feels better than 36 did, but I really couldn't say why. It just does. Maybe it's just because the number sounds cool. 🙂

I'm not having any of those "Where did the time go?" feelings, because I'm one of those people that looks ahead instead of behind. That, and I've done most of everything I wanted that had to do with the past.

The only thing I haven't done is gone back to New England for a visit. Since moving to Florida, I've only once ventured outside the state border for a trip to Ohio for some recording stuff. But other than that I've spent the entire time within the State of Florida.

If I wanted to blast up I-95 into the state just north of me, which would be Georgia, that's a four-hour drive from where I am. If alternatively I went the I-75 route, that would only shave off about a half-hour from the trip. Either way, it's not like where I used to live in Connecticut where either Massachusetts or Rhode Island is just 10 minutes away.

As an interesting-yet-saddening side note, were I to drive to the town I grew up in, that's roughly 1,300 miles. The sad part is that is costs the same to drive there as it is to fly. And given how much gas prices are increasing, it will probably be cheaper to fly before this year is over. I don't like that because I prefer driving even though the trip takes a lot longer.

On another side note, my thought on gas prices is that they won't go down until a new President takes office. I can see it topping out at close to $5/gal in this state before this year is over. But as soon as January 2013 comes, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that price was slashed by half.

Now that I think about it, when I take the trip (it is on my to-do list), I'd probably go by train. It's about the same price as flying if you purposely take afternoon instead of morning runs, and the time it takes is roughly the same as if you were driving. Internet access wouldn't be available on the run I'd take, so I'd have to bring a book or a few magazines to read, but that's fine.

Today is a nice day. Partly cloudy, no rain today and a light breeze in the air. Sounds and feels good to me. 🙂

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