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I turned 39. Yee-haw.

Rather than talk about my age, I'll instead talk about how things have changed over the years concerning music, bands and the internet.

WinAMP v2.5e - the last version that works in Windows 95I figure the best thing to do is to compare what's going on now compared to what was going on 10 years ago.

In 2004, YouTube didn't exist yet, but MySpace did, and that's the place all the bands flocked to. Back then, musicians were still trying to sell CDs being that nobody used portable MP3 players. Yes, the Apple iPod existed and had existed since '01, but until '04 it was Mac-compatible-only, and only from that year and beyond did sales of the iPod really start happening.

2004 was also the year I started blogging. I had owned since 1999, but really didn't do anything with it until I saw other bloggers and said to myself, "Yep. That's what I want to do; that makes sense."

When you really think about it, there's basically only 3 things you can do with a web site. Either run a business, a blog or a community (which usually means a forum).

For those wondering, yes I have thought about running a forum again. To be honest, it's ridiculously easy because all it takes is a few clicks in my web host admin panel and ta-da, instant forum in less than 2 minutes.


I'd only consider running a forum if someone was willing to administrate the thing for me (as in be the moderator), then go out on the internet and get people in the forum to actually use it. Installing the thing is easy. I just don't care for the administration part of it. If running a forum here sounds like something you'd want to do, email me. But bear in mind you'll be in charge of getting people in there, taking care of moderation to get rid of the idiots (meaning you'll have to ban people every so often), and so on.

The forum was always the best part of band sites back then

In 2004, the biggest draw to any band's web site was the forum because that was the only thing worth doing there. Reading band announcements on the front page is like reading a weather report. Nobody cares. The forum was the interesting part.

After social media hit the internet by storm, many bands dumped their forums for crappy social media pages with crappy comment systems. First it was MySpace, then ReverbNation and then Facebook which is the current go-to place for bands to set up a quick, crappy page where the band can spam people make announcements.

A forum on a band site is a special thing because it has a life of its own if it's used regularly. The better ones were used by fans first and then grew into something else entirely where people just go there to talk about whatever. And that is 100% A-OK because it means the site is getting used and traffic is happening.

I mentioned a possible forum here because yeah, there are people who want a place of discussion concerning my stuff in particular, as in my writing, music, tech stuff, etc. Should anyone be up to the task of administrating the thing, it's like I said, contact me.

It would be cool to see other bands put up forums as well. If people want a place a discussion that's not Facebook, well, give it to them. While I'd host my own forum here so it's not chock full of stupid ads everywhere, you can get a freebie forum at Proboards. Yeah, it's full of ads. But it's free, so you really can't complain.

If you want to do the ad-free way, you have to host it. Register a domain and get hosting. No, it's not free. But it loads really, really fast and there's no ads.

So anyway, yeah, I'm 39. And if you want to try your hand at administrating a forum here, email me and let me know.

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