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Rich Menga, age 44

My thoughts on turning 44 years old in 2019.

What I'm immediately thankful for at 44, other than my good health, is the fact I've not gone bald, my hair is still mostly blond and there is no bald patch on the back of my head. Yes, the hairline has receded in the front. But even so, I'm not doing bad for 44 at all.

43 was a year of changes for me. I moved from Florida to Texas. I switched from Squier to Ibanez guitars. I bought a new amp and it's the first one I've ever truly liked. I started going to a gym 5 days a week. I learned several more ways to cook foods. I finally got a real smartphone. I also finally acquired a synth workstation (the Casio CTK-7200) that finally, after all this time, finally allows me to create music in a way that's not annoying because it has mostly-correct-for-me sequencing capabilities.

As for what will happen at 44? I'll tell you when the year is up. :)

On being an out-of-touch middle aged guy

If you do an online search for "signs you are middle aged", you'll find articles where there are always a few entries that will state you're out-of-touch, don't understand modern technology, don't know any Top 10 songs and so on.

Well, I've been like that ever since my late 20s.

Right around the late mid-1990s is when I stopped caring about modern music.

While I do understand tech, I only care about what I can use and not what's cool. I am huge on practicality. If the whatever-it-is isn't practical, I'm not buying it. And not only does the whatever-it-is have to be practical but also affordable. And while I do try to get things that are both stylish and practical at the same time, practicality always comes first.

I also do things kids don't and won't do, such as wearing a watch and actually writing down notes when I need to on a memo pad (in cursive handwriting, thank you very much).

I stopped watching TV in the mid-2000s, and I had just turned 30 back then. At that time I had just moved to Florida, and had the choice whether to get cable TV + internet access or just internet access alone. I didn't even bother with a cable TV subscription and have never regretted that decision.

Where personal style is concerned, I made the decision a very long time ago to go logo-less. I purposely don't wear anything with a logo on it. The only exceptions are sneakers and jeans because you can't really buy those without a logo on them. But other than that, all my shirts are logo-free and on the rare occasion I wear a baseball cap, even that is logo-free and blank. The only shirt I own with any art on it is my Texas t-shirt with the state flag on the front. But that's not a corporate logo, so I'm not a walking advertisement for some corporation I don't give a crap about.

How have I aged?

I think I'm doing okay.

Me as a teenager:

Rich Menga - Teens

Me in my 20s (the only time I ever had long hair):

Rich Menga - 20s

Me in my 30s:

Rich Menga - 30s

And for how I look now at 44, see photo at top.

Again, I think I'm doing okay.

See you at 45.

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