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5 reasons why image titles are bad for your WordPress blog

Image titles are when the titles for your articles are images instead of HTML. This has been around for WordPress for quite a long time, with the most popular (and easy) way to do it being the TTF Titles plugin.

I've messed around with the font-to-image thing in WordPress and have come to the conclusion that it's just a bad idea to use them. This is why:

1. Breaks the mobile experience.

More people are surfing the web using mobile platforms these days, but unfortunately the web on a smartphone is almost exactly like Web 1.0 used to be. It's slow to load, difficult to navigate, etc. Image titles may look cool, but it will make for loading on a smartphone even slower than usual - and to boot may break the blog's basic functionality on a mobile platform.

2. It will be the first thing to bust on a major WordPress upgrade.

TTF Titles in particular has had a nice long run as something that works for WP, but that won't last forever. The last time it was updated was in 2007. Given that WordPress 3 is right around the corner, it's a good bet TTF Titles will bust when that's released.

3. Slows down the blog even on a fast connection.

With a blog, one of the goals is to get the visitors to the content as quickly as possible. Having image titles slows that down big time.

4. I'm not a commercial designer.

Yes, I can custom code WP themes and whatnot, but I don't sell any, nor do I intend to. If I were a commercial designer, then sure, style would matter. But I'm not a commercial designer.

5. Ultimately useless and impractical.

Images titles simply don't do anything worthwhile other than look cool, so at the end of it all, it's best to give it a pass and use better-made CSS instead. Works like a charm, loads fast, works anywhere.

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