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I hit the big 500 on my public Facebook page, as in I now have 500 fans. Yeah, I know there are others with fan counts way higher than mine, but hey, it's an achievement. I do a little happy dance every time a new hundred is passed.

I'm planning on having an official release of my music in October. When in October I can't say because I don't even know yet, but it will be in that month.

What's leaves me in awe more than anything else is how independent artists have a worldwide reach whereas we had nothing like that before.

To put this in perspective, in 1995 the furthest you could get as an unsigned independent is about a 50-mile radius. You put a band together and play-play-play, but unless you were willing to do the road warrior thing, 50 miles out is as far a reach as you could get.

Now here's another perspective: 31% of my Facebook fans aren't even from the United States. In fact, people from over 15 countries have hit the 'like' button on my page and several converse with me there regularly. How cool is that?

It was simply not possible to get a worldwide in 1995 unless you were signed under a label and the label was willing to spend a ton of money on promo. But these days you can get great reach for almost nothing save for the cost of your internet access.

Like I said, that truly leaves me in awe; the internet still amazes me even to this day because of things like that.

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