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89 dollar guitar

This is a guitar I bought for 89 dollars about ten years ago. This cheap-ass Jackson Rhoads V knock-off is a Guild Burnside "The Lance". It was sitting on a guitar rack in a music store in Massachusetts for about a month before I bought it. No one wanted it. The more I played it the more I liked it - the rest is history.

This guitar has been sitting in my closet for over a year. I decided to dust it off (literally), slap on some new strings and jam out on it for a bit.

For those that want to know the particulars, it's only got 21 frets and yes, it looks like a toy but plays surprisingly well. The pickups are EMG 89a's with a 9-volt battery under the pick guard.

Also, the guitar is weighted perfectly. The headstock never "drops".

The sound is a SansAMP GT2 thru an ancient Alesis Quadraverb GT with some reverb added. No amps.

This video just goes to prove you don't need expensive gear to get a semi-decent sound. 🙂

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