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999 days

As of today I've been living in Florida 999 days (2.73 years) which will "roll over" to 1000 tomorrow. No, I don't count each day.. geez.. I have a script in my stats page that tells me this info. 🙂

In addition, my blog has existed for close to 5 years. That's a long frickin' time. 🙂

Today I went to Goodyear Gemini for an oil change. The shop does a good job and all that but what's comical is what happens when I go to pay.

Every time and without fail the guy at the counter says that I "need" at least $1500 (or more) worth of work done to the truck whenever I go there.

The comical part is that what's "needed" changes each time I go.

Each time my reply is the same "No, I don't need any of that, thanks." Then I pay my 30 bucks for the oil change and I'm out the door.

I understand that the shop is just trying to make a buck, but c'mon.. they could at least be consistent with lying about what a vehicle needs and what it doesn't. 🙂

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