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a boyhood fantasy come true?

In grammar school right around the 4th grade.. or was it fifth grade..? Whatever. Somewhere around there I started cartooning. A lot. A whole lot. I 'tooned from then until my sophomore year of high school and then stopped. I think lots of boys do the cartoon thing and I was one of them.

During a conversation with my boss the subject of 'tooning came up and I told him I made a small web 'toon for a little while. He saw it, liked it and wanted to apply it to his biz.

The longer I live in Florida, the more stuff I thought would never happen is actually coming true.

I mean, seriously.. 'tooning? I had given up on that even before I became an adult.

. . .

As an aside, here's my take on web 'toons:

Although humor is dependent on what people find funny, I personally think most web comics suck. They're too specific to a particular audience and the brand of humor is so dry it could compete with a desert. Add to that internet cultural references and there's basically no way anyone could relate to it.

Example: Diesel Sweeties. I'm not saying it's a bad 'toon because it's not. However if you don't "get" the internet/tech references thrown throughout, you won't see the humor in it at all.

I strive to produce 'toons that have humor that people can actually "get" without having the prerequisite of knowing internet or tech-specific references. Granted, I may put out a few that get a bit specific at times, but nothing that would leave anyone in utter confusion.

The way I write is with the goal of making people laugh, or at bare minimum crack a smile. To me that's how 'toons should be.

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