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A message to all would-be GPS navigation users

I read an article about this guy who was thinking about using this asinine setup to equip his car with GPS navigation.

And just what is an asinine setup?

Anything that's a "Pocket PC" bastardized with a absolutely 100% ridiculous gooseneck mount - and requires you to set up software in the Pocket PC just to use GPS functionality. And believe it or not, it's said the gooseneck mount actually "reduces clutter". Bull.. crap. It adds clutter.

Read: Dumb idea.

Fortunately, a response came thru that said something to the effect of "Dude.. don't use that gooseneck'd b.s. Get a Garmin." Although it sort of ticks me off the guy didn't recommend the StreetPilot series and opted instead to recommend the nüvi (the StreetPilot series costs less).

. . .

I have seen, putting it bluntly, really stupid setups when it comes some GPS setups.

The absolute dumbest of all time is putting a laptop on the dashboard of your car. Sure, the screen is huge, but it blocks your view of the road.

The second dumbest is a cell phone equipped with GPS on a mount. I'm sure that tiny screen really helps when driving around. Don't forget to squint!

The third (and most difficult) dumbest setup is the aforementioned Pocket PC that serves GPS duty. Not only will the screen wash right out (because many aren't daylight readable), it's difficult to mount and difficult to use.

Dedicated GPS specifically designed for auto use is the only way to go - period. Trying to make something that wasn't designed for auto use work in a car is just stupid.. stupid.. stupid.

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