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Title of this entry is a phrase that got its beginnings in the 1800's, but it still reigns true today.


I finally got all my laundry done. And I mean all of it. Even the socks are folded (Rich folds socks?) I had absolutely zero clothes to wear other than what I had on me so it had to be done.

Normally I head up to my Pop's place in Inverness to do the laundry but I did all of it here in Tampa instead. Contrary to what most would think, I don't prefer to do laundry at Pop's because it's free. I do it because I have the luxury of using newer machines that do the job better (and they do).


Bob V is back home and is very happy to be here. In less than two hours after putting him back in the fishbowl he calls home, he made a huge bubble nest. Big time.


That's it for now. Bed time.

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