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a thousand skeptic hands

Title of this entry comes from a song with plenty of whoa-oh's in it.

Did some shopping today.

Bought two trash buckets. One normal sized and a small one.

I found six-packs of Dasani lemon flavored water on sale. Rock. I bought two for a total of twelve bottles.

Something about Florida living that must be taken into consideration is that it's obviously hot. You can't leave the bread out. I bought a loaf of bread only to have it go bad in two days, so I bought another loaf. Now the bread goes straight into the refridgerator the moment it gets home. I don't like cold bread, but I guess it's something I'll have to get used to.

Although I am getting used to the outside temperature, it's still very weird to have it be 80° F outside in mid-September. But I like it. A lot. 🙂

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