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a time you may embrace

The title of this bloggo is a lyric from this song. (Side note: This song has the best sounding Rickenbacker 12-string ever recorded - studio or live.)

September is here and it's traditional for me to feel a little extra joy this time of year. Why? Because the kids are back in school, off the roads and off the internet (at least under the afternoons).

Speaking of the internet for a moment, you will notice that the overall attitude of bloggers is more positive. With the kids back in school the adults "get back" the internet to themselves until the next summer comes where they typically screw everything up until they go back to school again.

palmIn Florida there are more perks compared to the north.

First, the cost of living goes down. A lot. This is directly due to the fact the weather gets cooler and you're not blasting the air conditioning constantly. It is not unreasonable to see a $100-a-month bill turn into a $35 bill (or lower).

Second, the weather gets a lot more tolerable. From the end of September until June it is one fine time to be in the Sunshine State.

Third, the summer tourists are gone. Sure, there are still a few stragglers but for the most part it's a lot easier to drive around Tampa Bay. Floridians have a saying here, that being there's only two seasons. Tourist season and non-tourist season.

. . .

In New England this time of year was the beginning of those wonderful (and very short) 8 to 10 weeks when things felt right. My best memories concerning girlfriends were always during the fall season. In fact it was normal that I'd pick up a new girlfriend right around that time of year. Will that happen here in FL? Darned if I know. Whether I do or don't it's still a good time of the year for me.

It's especially good in FL because those 8 weeks are actually 36. 🙂

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