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A walk down amnesia lane

One site I like a lot is It's just really wild to look at and read about computers of yesteryear. Unfortunately the site doesn't say too much about the Tandy PC's of the early 90's.

Up until the early 90's I was doing the computer thing on the Commodore 64 mostly. I also had a "Co-Co 2" Tandy, an Atari 800XL and an Atari 130XE.

Side note: The Co-Co 2 won the award for "clackiest" keyboard I've ever used. Loud, loud and loud. The Atari 130XE was by far the coolest looking computer I've ever had, and the keyboard was amazing.

I actually found an article on the first PC I ever had.

In '92 Tandy released 4825 SX. Pop bought one and it was the new family computer. This thing was so unbelievably awesome. It had an Intel i486SX 25MHz processor, 4MB of RAM, 1x CD-ROM drive and a 120MB hard drive. Wow. I spent hours and hours on that thing. Later on I upgraded it to a DX/50MHz, bumped the RAM up to 12MB. Ever cooler.

In the basement, Pop had an Okidata 2400 baud external modem which was originally intended for the Commodore 64 but he never opened the box. Turns out it worked on the Tandy and I dived into the world of BBS'ing (my first online experience). Later on I updated to an Intel 14400 baud modem (also external).

The Tandy was also the first computer I used with Windows 95, and it worked great. Before that I was using Windows 3.1.

I had that Tandy for several years. It was a good box. Correction: A great box. The thing just kept on clickin'.

I sold the Tandy when I bought a new computer, the Compaq Deskpro 6000 with Windows NT (the worst computer I've ever owned). I think I sold it for 50 bucks to a guy I used to know.

Right now I'm using a Dell Inspiron 6000 with a 1.5GHz (that's 1500MHz by the way) with 1GB RAM in it and a 60GB hard drive. It's already obsolete by today's standards but I like it. It's a good box.

But sometimes I really miss those Tandy days with the BBS's.

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