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after a few days back on mozilla thunderbird...

Before I get into t-bird, a history of me and e-mail:

I first started with POP using Microsoft Mail And Internet News. Didn't use this too long.

Upgraded to Outlook Express and used that for a wicked long time.

Then I used webmail with Hotmail.

Hotmail ticked me off, junked it and went with Yahoo mail.

Yahoo mail ticked me off, went back to Outlook Express.

Mozilla Thunderbird came about and I used that for a wicked long time.

Then I used Gmail and Google Apps.

Gmail ticked me off (royally), switched to Windows Live Domains (Hotmail).

Windows Live Domains was okay and had no problems but didn't feel like paying for a Hotmail Plus account to get rid of the ads, so I switched back to Mozilla Thunderbird.

SO.. yeah. I've tried a lot of different e-mail over the years. But now I'm back on t-bird.

Here's what I have to say about it.

Things Thunderbird does better than anything else

Plain text

You would not believe how unbelievably difficult it is to get e-mail read and composed in plain text without "fooling" the client into doing it when not using t-bird.

T-bird "out of the box" will do plain text reading and writing happily. And it's true plain text; not that "switch your proportional font to courier" b.s.

The only other e-mail - and I kid you not - that can do plain text properly is Yahoo mail. And Yahoo mail sucks.

File attachments

The way in which t-bird does attachments is stupidly easy and makes perfect sense. Just hit the big "Attach" button. All attachments are on the right and not "fancied" up.


T-bird has the best e-mail searching capability, period. You can search just subjects or the entire body of mails easily.

Outlook Express' way of doing it sucks ass. Windows Live Mail requires the installation of Windows Desktop Search (WHAT?!) just to search full-body text. Gmail's Google search within mail, sorry to say, isn't that great. T-bird kicks all their asses.


You can filter anything in t-bird. And when I say anything I mean anything. It will even filter IMAP mail with body text if you want.

Yeah, t-bird rules the school.

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