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am i lying? - blog edition

There's a thing going around YouTube right now where people are posting videos with questions about themselves, then asking the question whether they're lying or not.

Being that I don't vlog, here's my blog edition of it.

Read the following about me and decide for yourself whether each is true or false. In a week from the time of this bloggo I will post the answers.

  1. Back when I owned a green Camaro, one time I was driving with my father, took a corner too hard and ended up the woods.
  2. I lost my virginity at 16 years old.
  3. I have been to California.
  4. At one of my previous jobs, I did date a girl from work.
  5. I once farted in a church. It was loud, everyone looked at me and I just wanted to die right there.
  6. My music has appeared in 3 video games.
  7. I once got rug burn on my knees from having sex (with a girl obviously) on a living room carpet.
  8. I have had sex with 2 girls at once.
  9. I have cheated on a girl before.
  10. One time I got so drunk that I had to be taken to the hospital.
  11. I have never broken a bone, nor have I ever had measles, mumps or chicken pox.
  12. I once locked myself out of my truck, had to call a locksmith and pay him $40 to unlock it.
  13. On average, I will watch less than 3 hours of television per month.
  14. I'm actually five years older than I say I am.
  15. Secretly, I like country music.
  16. I am afraid of guns.
  17. I took Judo classes when I was a kid.
  18. I once shook Sgt. Slaughter's hand.
  19. My first musical instrument was the trumpet.
  20. I am very good at math.

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