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an error while speaking

I called my sister up today (yeah, two days in a row.. miracles do happen) because I wanted to tell her about the movie I got in the mail.

During the course of the conversation I slipped and said "..the geckos aren't out right now because it's cold out."


The moment I said that I knew I screwed up.


Me: "Sorry, I stepped into a hole on that one, sorry sorry.."

..and then the conversation continued. I had to admit error on the spot because there was NO way I was getting out of that one.

See, the deal is that in Boston they just had about 6 more inches of snow dumped on them in addition to the last 8 inches just a few days prior.

Oops indeed. 🙂

If you were to gauge the after-dusk temperatures here right now, think of it as a semi-brisk New England September evening - in December. It's sort of like that.

Speaking of which, earlier today I also had a discussion with Pop about how I feel about the stomping grounds now compared to a year ago.

Small note before you go on to the rest of this: I seriously considered deleting it because it is really long-winded. But it's something I needed to say, so.. take that for what it's worth.

. . .

When I first moved to Tampa, my opinion of where I came from could be summed up in a single phrase: "Screw that place."

Whenever you leave a place that has a significant impact on your life in the negative direction, it rolls around in your head for a good long while before you can reflect and see it in a more, shall we say, sensible way.

You know that part in life where you can look back on not-so-good experiences as just a "happy" memory? Well, I'm not quite at that point yet but am getting closer to it.

So what point have I reached?

I'd say I'm at the part where my disdain for the stomping grounds isn't as strong but still present. The hate is gone but the bitterness is still somewhat there. Some things take a while to shake, what can I say..

So what am I still somewhat bitter about? Well I'm not going to talk about the winter crap because I've already covered that.

What gets me is how much of my life was essentially wasted just because of location. I'm not referencing to New England as a whole. Rather, just where I was specifically. And yes, I am playing catch-up in Florida, but like I said, the bitterness takes a while to fade. This long-ass post is part of my "fading" process, so to speak.

The largest problem I had was that the area I was in was so unbelievably pigeon-holed. Proof of this is easy to find.

Windham County, as in the entire county, is literally cut off from the rest of the state. It does not connect to any east-west interstates whatsoever. There are no incorporated cities.

To its credit the area is quiet and peaceful, but that's also it's biggest flaw. It's very difficult to find good-paying decent work that isn't in construction, a mill or a warehouse. If you want something good work-wise, commuting is mandatory and there's no way around it. I had to do it a lot. And the gas prices up there don't help in that respect (it's significantly cheaper here).

I used to spend a lot of time racking my brain trying to think of ways to make things work, but the end result was always the same. My goals were just too big for where I was.

I have reached several of my goals since moving to Florida, including ones that I honestly thought were still a few years away (such as finally "finishing" the family trip to Epcot after talking about it for 20 years).

I do breathe easier knowing where I am now. I made the leap. It's a very satisfying feeling.

. . .

To end this one, I'm starting to notice.. just a little.. that I'm having an influence on my friends in the north. Some are starting to get the Florida bug. I'm pretty sure of that. Maybe they think "Well crap.. if Rich can do it, I can do it."

The reason they think that is because no one, repeat, no one ever thought I'd ever blaze my own trail elsewhere. They knew I would be successful, but not necessary do something so wild'n'crazy as to bust out of New England completely (to the tune of over 1000 miles south!)

But I did.

If I serve as an inspiration, all the better. 🙂


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