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an example of why i did not pursue to be a camera operator

The cam in the video above is $94,700 and does not include the viewfinder or the lens.

To this day, field cameras are ridiculously expensive. Yeah, they do amazing things and yeah, they're worth the money, but notice the cardboard he had to attach just to get rid of sun glare. Also notice the tape to use just to feel his way around it while operating.

It really ticks me off when things like that are not taken into consideration by the manufacturer. It's like they weren't even thinking of the operator when they built it.

Could I do the job this guy does? Probably. But I don't pretend for a second that it's easy. It is very difficult. You've got a director barking in your ear constantly and every shot you make must be perfect. Miss just one shot and you'll be hearing about it for weeks.

An idiot would think "Ha! I could do that job no problem!" No, you couldn't. You'd be fired after the first day.

Back in college I operated a stand-up camera on a large mount in a controlled studio environment, and even that was difficult. This guy is battling all the elements outside and getting an earful every 5 seconds. Easy? You call that easy?

I think not. 🙂

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