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An old dog is still an old dog

Being that I have the old IBM ThinkPad 390 kicking around, I decided to see if KNOPPIX would run on it. The '390 is a Pentium 233 Mobile with 128MB of RAM and a 3GB drive. After doing the install (which took forever), it did work. Everything was running great except for the sound card which didn't detect correctly. Other than that, I was able to connect to the 'net with it.

Unfortunately, I am spoiled by fast computers. While the ThinkPad did cook right along doing its best, it's just too damn slow for KNOPPIX and there's really nothing I can do as far as an upgrade. I mean, when you got a 233 with a maximum (repeat: maximum) resolution of 800x600 and only 3GB's to play with with 128MB of RAM, there's not much you can do. I will most likely ditch KNOPPIX in favor of Damn Small Linux which uses Fluxbox. It's a lot smaller and a lot "lighter".

But I still have to deal with a max 800x600 res.. that SUCKS! Ergh. Maybe I'll throw on DSL and eBay it.. hmmm...

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