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...and get off my lawn

This is one of those instances where I go into Old Man Mode.

Earlier today some idiot with a "thumper" car stereo starting blasting his music. It literally was vibrating the walls of my apartment. I called management, but a few other residents had already called ahead of me to complain, to which management had already sent somebody to go to that idiot and tell him to shut his stereo off or get off the property. About 10 minutes after I made my call he finally shut off the racket.

The only reason anybody has a loud car stereo is because they're an attention whore. Idiots with loud car stereos purposely want everybody to know that they're being loud and annoying. Well, they succeeded, because we all hate them. And I'm sure they squeal with glee over that.

There are signs posted throughout the property here that literally say NO LOUD MUSIC in addition to a few other warnings. Idiots, of course, pay no attention to the signs whatsoever.

Another thing is that it absolutely does not matter what type of music is being blared out. Could be hip-hop. Could be metal. Could be polka. Doesn't matter. If it's too loud, it's too loud, period.

One thing is for sure. Audiologists and Ear/Nose/Throat doctors are all going to be able to retire early from all those douche bags with loud stereos that lose most of their hearing before 35.


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