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and in case i don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and good night

I just finished watching The Truman Show. I haven't seen this flick in.. a while. Probably a few years. The title of this entry is a line from that movie.

This movie is just as incredible as when I saw it in the past. It has lost absolutely nothing in its power of delivery and style.

Since I now own the DVD special edition of it, I've learned two things which to be honest are a bit frightful.


1. Seahaven does exist - except it's not called Seahaven.

The vast majority of the in-town shots for this movie were shot in a real "town" called Seaside Florida. The homes you see are not a set. This type of place is what I call "manufactured bliss". Another one that's shockingly similar is Connerton. Want another? Try Southern Hills Plantation. Want yet another? Long Leaf. The list goes on and on.

Even if I had the money (and trust me, you need a ton of it), I would never ever live in one of these places. "Towns" like these are so polished and perfect that they are completely devoid of personality. What they're attempting to sell is the image of perfection. Believe me, it isn't perfect. Far from it.

Put it this way - if you dared put a tacky pink flamingo on your front lawn, you'd probably get "spoken to" about it. And no, I'm not kidding.

And you thought I was a xenophobe? Ha! People who live in those places put me to shame.

Think I'm kidding? These places are set in such a way where you never have to leave. They've got car dealerships, supermarkets and everything else. Once again, I'm not kidding.

2. Nine years later.. and what's on tv?

The film was released in 1998. It depicts a man whose whole life is secretly broadcasted to the world via television. Events in his life are television episodes - literally.

Today's reality shows come very close to that.

Think about it.


Anyway.. the movie was great. I still love it. I highly recommend it to anyone. No, it is not a Jim Carrey funny-flick. Not at all. And that's the best part.


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