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Another internet junkie is born

A few days ago, long time friend Ben calls me and says his computer is on the fritz. He asked if I would fix it, because he got the computer on the expectation that the internet would work on it (he's never been on the 'net before). "Sure", I said. I do computers for a living so this isn't a stretch for me. He comes on by with an older Dell Dimension (a "3800" if I remember correctly), and has all the CD-ROM's ready - including the one with the operating system on it which was good. He had the original Windows XP disc that came with the Dell and had the proper license stamped on the box so it was 100% legal - a good thing. (For most people that ask me for rebuilds, they request that I "give them" Windows XP or something like that. Three words: No can do.)

So anyway, this is an easy rebuild. He leaves the box with me and I rebuild the thing. It's a slower 1.1GHz Celeron but it'll do the job. I format the drive and the rebuild goes through without any problems. I update the bejeezus out of it, give it Service Pack 2 and any other updates it needs. I put on AVG anti-virus (the free version) just to be on the safe side. Then I tested his dial-up Juno internet to make sure that worked. Everything did.

Yesterday he comes by and picks up the box. I turn it on and show him how to connect to the 'net, how to send/receive e-mail and so on. I also add my e-mail address to his "Address Book" in his Juno e-mail account, so everything is good to go. Everything is okay with him so he takes the box home.

Shortly thereafter I start getting e-mail from him, so I know that he was able to hook it up and got everything working. I think he must have spent something like 3 or 4 hours on the 'net yesterday.

So off Ben goes into virtual world. Another 'net junkie is born. 😉

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