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(Anti)Social updates, uninstalling spree and other stuff

Concerning Twitter and Facebook: If you're trying to contact me that way, don't. Use email. If you don't know my email address, use my form.

~ ~ ~

For whatever unknown reason my Y! Messenger stopped notifying me of new emails. Why I have no idea. The only reason I had that client installed to begin with was as a mail notification tool, but now.. doesn't work. Uninstalled it. I check mail manually now. Not a big deal.

~ ~ ~

In addition to uninstalling Y! Messenger I also uninstalled Windows Live Messenger Beta, Pidgin and Miranda. I kept them installed just in case I ever wanted to use them, but seeing as I never did.. um, yeah.. gone. 🙂

~ ~ ~

I decided it was long enough to wait since I whacked my Google account, created another one using my Y! account and applied for AdSense again.

I purposely configured my new Goog account to be Gmail-less because I have no interest in using it being I already use Y! Mail and am happy with it.

Hopefully my AdSense stuff will work this time around. I remain hopeful. 🙂

~ ~ ~

Concerning ICQ and QQ, I made no formal announcement of this (until now), but I stopped using both services a while ago. Yeah, it was fun chatting with folks from other continents but it got boring because all the conversations were almost exactly the same. Hi / how are you / where are you from / blah blah blah. Same old thing over and over again, so ultimately I stopped using both.

I still load up ICQ from time to time, but only on an infrequent basis at best. My main messenger now is AIM.

~ ~ ~

I've been reading a crapload of Reddit lately. Weird bunch. Nice bunch.. usually.. but still weird. As in Internet weird - and I'm not going to explain what that means because either you get it or you don't.

I will say that Reddit is about, oh, a billion times (give or take a million) more interesting than reading people's boring-ass garbage on Facebook. Every time I login to Facebook and take a quick glance at what people are saying I just want to puke.

The thing about Reddit that gets me is the unbelievable amount of nerdiness on that site - and it's everywhere. I'm actually shocked so many from my generation and older post there as often as they do. If you do a search for, say, princess bride (in reference to that movie, of course), whammo, nostalgia aplenty.

It is the best site on the 'net to get your entertainment, no doubt. Good or bad thing? Good - for the moment.

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