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Apple II television commercial from 1984

Yes, I know, I'm blogging a lot today, but this one was too good to pass up. This is an actual television commercial broadcast by Apple Computer for the Apple II model. On one of my old VHS tapes I stumbled across this and said "Wow" because, well, it's just really interesting how they used to market computers twenty-two years ago.

Things to note about the commercial:

You can barely make out what's on the computer screen. Obviously it wasn't important to show it.

Both father and son wear glasses, because after all, everyone that uses a computer must wear glasses.

Showing the 5.25" floppy drive (with a disk being inserted into it) was very important.

When father brings in the box for the Apple II for his son, you can see on the box it's an Apple IIc. Watch for the logo on the box at the top left.

It is assumed this commercial was broadcast in 1984, since the IIc was released that year.

--edit 4/29/06--

Correction: Looking at the box closer, the computer in the box is actually an Apple IIc Plus, meaning this commercial was most likely broadcast in 1988, not 1984.

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