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Apple Safari 3 Beta - The Review

Okay, so after fixing my Safari I was able to use it, browse around and see if this browser is worth anything.

The big deal with this browser is the way it renders fonts. I will admit that yes, it does look better. The readability is greater due to the fact Safari "fattens up" the look of all fonts.

However, that's Safari's only trait. This browser is not a Firefox killer. It's not an Internet Explorer 7 killer either.

There are a few very good reasons why.

You can only resize the window from the bottom right corner. A staple of Windows usage is that you can resize a browser from any corner or side. The way Safari resizes is very counterproductive.

You can't CTRL-TAB between tabs.

F6 will not bring you to the address bar to type a new URL.

The only plugin site worth going to for Safari is Pimp My Safari. The selection was weak at best.

Basically speaking, the only thing you get with Safari on Windows is prettier fonts. Otherwise, both IE 7 and Firefox completely and utterly destroy anything Safari has to offer.

Pretty fonts is not enough of a reason to switch. Even if I was using a Mac I wouldn't use this browser (especially considering you can run Firefox on OS X).

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