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as long as i can have a limo and my orange hair

Title of this entry is a lyric from a song about being lethargic. To this day I think the song has awesome 70's groove to it.

(Note: This is a long drawn-out post. But it's my site, so I'm allowed.) 🙂


I finally broke down and bought a new pair of eyeglasses today. It's the first pair I've bought in four or five years. The ones I had finally got to a point where they were more or less beyond repair so I had to do it.

I decided to try out a LensCrafters and purposely sought one that was not in a mall, because in my experience, if there's anything you need to do that pertains to your health - a mall is the wrong place to go. And seriously, when is the last time you went in a mall and found any employees working anywhere that gave a crap about anything? Right? Right.

This particular LensCrafters has very up-to-do technology in it. Kinda neat. The staff was friendly with the exception of the doctor who was a young girl very close to my age and somewhat snooty. Were it not for the fact I had to be there for new frames I would have told her off.

A note on doctors: I'm the type of person who will put a doctor in his or her place if they tick me off enough. Most people have the utmost faith in doctors but always forget the fact they're human and can make mistakes - and in addition to that many doctors have a snooty attitude. It is not uncommon for me to say something to the effect of You know, I don't know if you're having a bad day or whatever, and to be honest I don't care, but your job is to assist me with my health. And I'm going to tell you right now, do your job and drop the attitude. After that I get the blank stare from them.. Whoa.. this guy's serious. I don't walk out. I make them do their job.

My AAA membership came in handy once again. 10% off my eye exam and 30% off my frames. The exam was $80 and the frames were $188. I went with that no-payment/no-interest for 90 days thing so I only had to pay for the exam today.

Am I happy with my new frames? Not really. They look nice and all that, but I only bought them because I had to. My previous frames were transition lenses that would auto-dim in sunlight which I really liked. Due to the fact I'm cost-cutting at the moment, I just went with basic frames this time around.

I full well intend on this being my last pair of glasses I ever buy. Next time around it's LASIK. There are tons of places in the Tampa Bay area that do this. It is definitely on my to-do list for the future. I am positively sick and tired of wearing eyeglasses.


Leaving Riverview today, I stopped by a gas station to pick up a Monster soda and parked next to a kid who had just bought a GMC Canyon like mine. First thing he said was Dude! I want yours! because mine is the extended cab, a better color (dark green compared to the sandstone he had) and loaded while his is basic. I spoke with him for a couple of minutes. He asked how she runs, I said she runs good. About 40,000 miles and still chuggin' along.

While he was appreciative that my truck had more options, I was appreciative that his truck was cheap. He bought his for slightly over half of what I owe on mine.

Were it not for the fact my Alero had engine trouble, I would still own it. But as you know, when the motor starts giving you trouble, that car has gotta go.

I had made a personal vow to myself that the Alero was the last car I was going to buy for a while. That car was paid in full. I owed nothing on it and I was ticked off that I had to get a new truck, but.. I had to. I was in New England at the time and I needed a reliable 4x4 with a warranty, hence the reason I have what I have now.

Were I in Florida at the time, I wouldn't have bothered. I would have purchased a 2WD sport truck, and it would have cost me about $7500 less than what I paid for the 4x4. But what ya gonna do.

And yes, I am a bit miffed at the fact I drive a 4x4 in a state where that's never required. However, I'm making the same vow I did with my last car. I want this thing paid off in full and drive it for as long as I can. This was the plan with the Alero, but that didn't work out, so now the plan is to do it with the Canyon.

(fingers crossed..)


I found this which is a frame-by-frame review (almost literally) of The Simpsons episode entitled "Flaming Moe".

No, I didn't read all of it, but it is nothing short of incredible how far people will go to document every single little detail of an episode.

I'm not a fan of The Simpsons. Or Family Guy. This isn't to say I don't like those shows, but I'm just not a fan.

Some Rhode Island fans of The Simpsons actually get together once a year and play a season or two in a theater. I heard this on WHJY (a radio station I miss dearly). I admit, seeing television episodes of that show in a theater would be pretty cool. The laughs are so much better when there's a crowd.

As grotesquely detailed as that review of "Flaming Moe" is, I can go to that level of detail for some movies because I'm such as behind-the-scenes fan.

For example, in Star Trek II, both Federation starships use the same set for the bridge of each ship. The set was designed in "wedges", so a little move here and there would change it around enough, then voila, different ship.

In many Disney movies, there is a hidden Mickey Mouse. In Tron Mickey appears on the ground as the Solar Sailor is flying across the game grid. In Toy Story, Mickey is visible in the background in Andy's room as a clock on the wall. There's actually a whole article written on Hidden Mickey's. It's fun to try and spot them.

(And you wonder why I have "hidden" sections on my site?) 🙂


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