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as you were

One thing I've always entertained the idea of doing (but never had the balls to do it) was to make the entire site look "1999". I have an affection for really old web pages because back in the day, no one used HTML editors like Dreamweaver of FrontPage. Everyone used Notepad, because honestly there wasn't anything else. Animated GIF's were everywhere, along with frames, background music and tons of JavaS--t JavaScript.

Believe it or not there are still web pages out there like this. I remember a really, really long time ago I used to go on undernet (with mIRC, of course) and chat in the #wavaddiction channel to grab all the cool WAV sound effects I could. One of the guys who was an "Op" (a.k.a. channel operator/admin) went by the name Asmojay. His web site still exists but hasn't been touched since 1999. It's probably safe to assume that he's not using that ISP any longer and maybe has no idea that the web page still exists. Who's to say for sure. But it's cool it's still there just for nostalgia. 🙂 in 1999 form will probably never exist, however, here's what it could look like: in "1999" form. Enjoy the cheesy background music (which may or may not work depending on how your browser is set up) and spinning logo. I've set it up so that it updates the same time the regular home page does.

The funny part is that some people will actually prefer the 1999 look and think Hey! That's COOL! Trust me, it's not. Annoying cheeseball animations and background music make for a very, very crappy web page. 🙂


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