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audio software hell

Over the past two days I have been banging my head against my keyboard installing, uninstalling and installing again various multi-track audio software in an attempt to go modern what my music-making.

Two words: Screw that.

One thing that has always ticked me off about "professional" audio software is how unbelievably complicated it is.

I use eight-year-old recording software and 20-year-old hardware (with the exception of my guitar effects) because it works. Every time I get the not-so bright idea of "maybe I should try something modern", I always go right back to the old stuff.

The reason I keep going back is because every time I try to do something so stupidly simple with modern professional audio software, the steps involved are beyond stupid.

Teeny tiny example: I want to record a track.

In my old software, I choose the audio source, arm track one, record. DONE.

In "professional" software, pff.. takes three times as long just to do that stupidly simple thing. The audio source choices are buried, then you have to "route" the track (why?), then by default the software will add in some stupid effect you didn't want that you have to turn off, then the levels - which always worked right before - are now either too loud or too soft, and on and on and on. By the time I'm done I want to smash the computer and the creative spark I had is gone for the moment.

For whatever stupid reason, audio software went from being stupidly easy to stupidly difficult. I guess the guys who make that software have to justify the license cost of that crap somehow. Well, I'm not playing that game because I have music to write and am not about to hang my hat due to technical nonsense. Yes, I use old stuff, but the end product is to my satisfaction and people like it. Case closed.

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