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Well, if you're reading this now you've been successfully pointed to I just threw the switch so-to-speak and everything seems to be in check here.

I have a redirect set up so that anyone that comes from my other domain will automatically land here, and I also have the 404 set up to redirect properly to existing articles as well (yep.. pretty cool I must say).

And now the question you're dying to ask...


I'll try to explain it the best I can.

The short version:

It's the name that matters.

The long version:

I have a very distinctive last name. On the internet, I am never searched for by my other domain. Ever. It's always my full name or just my last name. That name is far more memorable compared to my off-again/on-again biz name.

I also discovered that no matter what I do, no one ever remembers the exact address of my web site, so once again it's a search by name that counts.

Even though my domain is a dot-net and not a dot-com, menga is in it and, once again, that's what counts.

Some quick notes:

To the regular readers of my blog, you may notice some wonky stuff. Some images may not work as I button up the loose ends here. Switching domains (especially when you have thousands of blog posts) is never easy.

My vow for as long as internet domains exist:

I will never switch my blog's web address ever again. Promise. 🙂

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