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Lately I've become very disenchanted with YouTube. They keep changing stuff around all the time and it's getting really, really irritating. It's cool I get the video views and whatnot, but the way the system works on an admin level is a nightmare. I'll put it to you this way: If you login to YouTube now, then not login to it for 3 months, it will be different the next you login. Something will have changed or been outright removed. Could be a button, a link or whatever. It doesn't matter because you'll spend 10 minutes trying to do something that only took seconds the last time you were logged in.

Very recently I reactivated my account, I seriously like the way works. It's an absolute joy to use compared to YouTube. Everything is laid out in a nice easy way, the support is awesome, the options available to you are plentiful and useful (keyword there), etc. It's just a better system.

What I'm going to do is a tried-and-true tradition that many disenchanted YouTubers do: Post "pointer" vids to my YouTube channel and tell people to go to my account to watch the full video there.

If you want to get the leg up on my newest vids without the pointer-vid YouTube crapola, you'll see them here on my blog or you can sub an RSS feed or whatever on my channel mentioned above.

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