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back on google reader

Being the computery guy that I am I do use a feed aggregator, a.k.a. a feed reader. For a while I was a humongous Google whore and used a ton of their products, including the Google Reader. But then Google ticked me off and I stopped using anything Google-branded with the exception of Google Earth, Maps and of course their search engine.

Since my break from Google stuff I sought out feed reader alternatives. I tried out Bloglines for a while but stopped using it because it just has a wonky nature to it. Then I found a standalone app called FeedDemon and used that exclusively for a good long time.

Today for whatever reason I said fuggit and tried out Google Reader again. And I switched back to it. The plain fact of the matter is that yes, it is the best feed reader. It's the only one that shows feeds the way they're supposed to be shown.

My only complaint are those "tags" that it uses that act as pseudo folders. But once you figure that out it's fairly simple.

In all honesty I try to use Google as little as possible and will only use their products when it proves to be a better way of doing things. The Reader is one of the few things G makes that's actually worth using.

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