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Note to regular readers: If the site looks screwed up, hit your "refresh" on your browser (or if using Windows just hit F5) and it will load the new stylesheet.

The more I stared at this site the more I hated the fact I put it "in a box" and not full screen. It just really, really bothered me. So.. I redesigned it. Kept the same colors and went full screen. I like it a whole lot better.

Even though the site still requires a minimum 750 pixels wide (somewhere around there) before the top part "clips", I don't know anyone who browses the internet under that resolution. I mean, the required resolution for Windows XP is 800x600.. so I think I'm safe. (grin)

Oh, one more thing: Even though this site views just fine using Microsoft Internet Exploder Explorer, I highly suggest that everyone go out and get the free FireFox web browser. It is totally free, there is absolutely no spyware in it, it will not screw up your computer. You should especially get it if your Internet Explorer browser is slow, unresponsive, riddled with spyware and so on. Firefox is designed to be light, quick and easy. I've been using it for a real long time (since version 0.8) and I highly recommend it. Go get it, don't be an idiot. 😉

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