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back to what works

When the Twitter app on Facebook decided to stop working, that ticked me off because I had a nice little system going where I had everything updated the way I wanted. I bounced around clients after that and eventually ended up using ICQ and then AIM because both up them will auto-update statuses on FB/Twitter.

Just for kicks I tried the Twitter app on Facebook again and OH MY GOD IT ACTUALLY WORKED. Did I switch back to updating stuff that way? You bet your ass I did.

The only difference now is that I'm posting tweets using echofon instead of Twhirl. To be honest I never truly liked using Twhirl because it's a chunky AIR app, and I can't stand AIR to begin with because it sucks. I much prefer using echofon in Firefox.

What I have to watch for now are double-posts from this blog to Facebook, because it's now going to be pulling in two feeds. One from Twitterfeed and one from the Facebook Twitter app. If that happens I'll just nix the Twitterfeed into Facebook and let the Twitter FB app handle it.

Not exactly an elegant solution, but it works. 🙂

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